National Parks

National Park Fees

These park fees are subject to change so it is always a good idea to check with the lodge before you set off on your journey. If you are staying in a National Park for the night, you will be charged a bed night fee per night. This fee varies from park to park, so again it is something that you will need to ask the lodge as they will know the latest fee. If you are camping in a park, it seems as though there is no bed night fee.

Lower Zambezi National Park

The Lower Zambezi valley is a huge flood plain through which the Zambezi River flows. This area, which has been declared a world heritage site, is a haven for wildlife, and the rich natural deposits and soils make a wonderful area for different flora and fauna.

Kasanka National Park

This is one of Zambia's smaller National Parks. Although this park is not teeming with as much game as others, it is still well worth a visit for peaceful and leisurely walks through the forests and wetlands. There is plenty of game and birdlife is abundant. Visit in Novemeber or December and witness the world famous fruit bat migration.

North Luangwa National Park

North Luangwa National Park, covering an area of 4,636 square kilometers, is an almost untouched area of Zambia. There are few roads and public areas are restricted. North Luangwa is most known for walking safaris conducted by one of the few tour operators allowed access to the park.

Liuwa Plain National Park

Liuwa Plain National Park is situated in the far West of Zambia. This is an incredibly remote and wild National Park, covering an area of 3,660 square kilometers, and whilst it is seen as difficult to get to, a visit is well worth the effort as it will afford an amazing safari experience.

Kafue National Park

The Kafue National Park, which is located in the centre of Western Zambia, is the oldest and largest National Park in Zambia, and indeed is one of the largest National Parks in Africa, with an area covering 22,400 square Kilometers.

South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park located in eastern Zambia in the valley of the Luangwa River is often referred to as a world-renowned wildlife haven. This wide plain where the park is situated is home to an abundance of wildlfife and birds. The many safari camps and lodges with their excellent guiding make this National Park a destination of choice.