Conservation lake Tanganyika

Conservation Lake Tanganyika is seeking to preserve the biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika and the surrounding area. This enormous task of land and water conservation falls to a few dedicated individuals. This non profit organisation relies entirely on donations and grants.

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a non-profit organization based in the Chiawa GMA just outside the Lower Zambezi National Park. The organization relies completely on kind donors and memberships in order to carry out its mandate and projects.

Game Rangers International - Elephant Orphanage Project

African elephants are under threat. The demand for ivory products grows strong and as a consequence thousands of elephants are slaughtered every year. When a mother elephant is shot dead for her tusks her young calf will be left behind. Without the nutrient rich milk from its mother it will perish in the wilds, starving and alone. We need your help to rescue these tragic victims of wildlife crimes, rehabilitate them and ultimately to give them a second chance for a life in the wild, where they belong.