Pontoon, Kabwe and Bufumu Campsites

The Pontoon campsite is located at a bridge over the Kasanka River near some of the best game viewing in the park. The Kabwe campsite is located at the edge of the rich floodplains of the river. Both campsites are ideally situated for visiting the hide at Fibwe and bat viewing hides during the bat season. Elephant, hippo, puku, bushbuck and sitatunga are often seen from the campsites as well as an array of birdlife in the dambo and surrounding tree canopy.

The Bufumu campsite is located in the recently created 100 hectare "Bufumu Special Protection Zone' which includes the former sacred forest. This forest and surroundings include the highly threatened "mateshe" dry evergreen thickets which hosts unique wildlife. Blue Duiker, African Pitta and Gaboon Viper are amongst the many specials recorded here since 2013. The campsite is ideally located for both birding enthusiasts and botanists.

Guided walks with an armed escort and / or guide can be arranged at Wasa Lodge. 

Additional to the rates are park fees which are payable to the Zambian Wildlife Authority at the entrance to the park. Park fees are $7 for residents and SADC, and $10 for internationals per person per day. Vehicle fee is ZMK15 for a Zambian registered vehicle and $15 for an international vehicle. 

These campsites are run by the Kasanka Trust Ltd which is a non profit organisation. With the tourism income two national parks are managed, and various community outreach programs for people living close to the parks are organised. 


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