Nsolo is the local name for the honey guide and the camp was named after this extraordinary little bird. By amazing co-incidence it was later learnt that this area used to be home to a famous local hunter – also called Nsolo! 

Nsolo  has just four very spacious chalets built on raised wooden decks with grass and reed walls and open large air en-suite bathrooms. Each chalet is set under the shade of evergreen trees with private verandahs overlooking the surrounding bush and waterholes in the Luwi River. The chalets are individually designed, extremely comfortable yet still rustic and simple. On the banks of the Luwi River is an open sided, shady chitenje lounge with bush bar and dining area offering a peaceful refuge where guests can study the camps collection of books or watch a variety of game visiting the permanent pools of water in the Luwi riverbed.




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