Liuwa Plain National Park Community camp sites

Liuwa Plain National Park is governed and jointly managed by African Parks (Zambia), in partnership with DNPW and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE).

The Park is situated on the upper Zambezi floodplains of western Zambia.  It is a place of abundance and diversity. Its expansive vista dominates the landscape, providing an unparalleled sense of space and remote wilderness. Often described as the photographers dream, visitors will see thousands of wildebeest, discover various species of rare birds, have the opportunity to perhaps see cheetah, hyena, wild dog or the famous Liuwa lions.

Accommodation for self drives is at one of the five community camp sites. These basic campsites are run by community members, but they are supported by African Parks. All income from the camping fees goes directly into the communities in the park.

All the campsites are well maintained and have camp attendants. Firewood is also available for a small fee.Katoyana, Kwale, Lyangu and Kayala provide water, cold showers and a flush toilet. Sikale provides a long drop toilet but there is no water available, so visitors need to carry what they will require for their stay.

Katoyana campsite is located near the centre of the park and allows access to the woodlands, pans and plains in the eastern area of the park.There are hyena dens nearby and the bird life can be lovely both in the shaded areas of the campsite, as well as in the pans nearby. Katoyana is also located in the area where lion and cheetah sightings are frequent.

Kwale camp is located in the southern part of the park, and the beautiful and shaded campsites are recommended for visitors who enjoy birding.Buffalo herds are frequently sighted in this southern area of the park and the sausage tree area can contain large numbers of mammals during the last months of the year.

Lyangu is situated with access to the western area of the park and is a relatively short drive from the park boundary.It sits on the edge of a large plain and throughout different times of the year hyena, lechwe, wildebeest and birdlife at the pans is splendid in this area.

Sikale is the most northern campsite and is used infrequently as it takes many hours to reach it form the park boundary..During the cooler months this is close to the area where the wildebeests are moving to and can be a beautiful remote and quiet place to visit. The facilities at this campground are for the self-sufficient traveller, as there are no toilets, showers or water points available at this campsite.

Kayala is the campsite just outside the park boundary, close to Kalabo and overlooking a small lake. This campsite is often used by visitors arriving late I the afternoon. From Kayala, visitors can easily drive in to the park early the next morning.

For more information please visit It is advisable to book before you go as visitors need to be aware of what is needed for the trip, as well as knowledge of seasons and roads.

Park entry fees are payable to the African Parks office in Kalabo before enrty into the park.

Photographs by kind permission of African Parks / Burrard-Lucas.




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