Gianpiero's Hotel

Gianpiero’s Hotel has recently opened in a quiet area close to Manda Hill, Arcades and East Park Mall. It is an ideal hotel for those coming for shopping from out of town, and also for businessmen looking for a tranquil environment in which to work. The conference facility can accommodate 40 delegates and has state of the art equipment for your use.

The accommodation consists of 12 fully air-conditioned and tastefully decorated suites. In addition, there are 2 luxury 2 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed apartments with self catering facilities and housekeepers. The bathrooms have baths as well as showers. A daily laundry service is offered. The Hotel has two laundries – one catering for the hotel and one solely for guests.

The kitchen is run by two family members, both of which are fully qualified chefs. Dinner can be served in the main restaurant with its quiet ambience, or outside the cocktail bar in a secluded area next to the goldfish pond. The a-la-carte menu features a number of Italian dishes all made in house, and mouth watering steaks served with various sauces.

The Gianpiero Café is next to the fountained swimming pool. This serves various snack meals and salads, and is an ideal place for a light lunch or supper. The pool bar is close by, allowing guests to enjoy the evenings dining around the pool or in its enclosed gardens.

The cocktail bar offers an outside verandah where guests can enjoy a sunset drink or early morning coffee.

The secure car park offers peace of mind to those travelling from out of town. There is also an airport shuttle service.





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